Cutting Instructions

Read all warnings!

We do NOT assume any responsibility for any damage or accidents resulting from a customer's use of any type of saw or other tool to cut our finger guards, or installation issues after finger guards have been cut.

The manufacturer does not recommend cutting the finger guards and will void the product warranty should some unexpected accident or problem occur. There are, however, some situations when cutting may become a necessity - such as to shorten the length of a strip to fit in a specific door height.

The PinchShield finger guards should not be used for any purposes or in any way other than intended or instructed.


If the finger guard is cut short for half-height doors or gates, there is the possibility, even the likelihood, that children will:

1. Stick their hands or arms into the top opening and possibly into the door hinge opening; or,
2. Drop a variety of objects into the top opening of the finger guard; or,
3. Reach into the opening and pull on the fingerguard off the door & frame.

Parents and supervisors must be alert to this potential problem. We cannot assume any responsibility for such situations. Please use common sense.

The only cutting we support is if it is necessary to cut the finger guard so it fits inside the height of the door jamb.

To limit your liability, customers must ensure that NO ONE can easily reach the top opening and stick their hands into or rip the finger guard off the door frame.

1. BASIC (Clear) finger guards can be cut with a very sharp knife or a heavy duty drop blade paper cutter. If the tools are not very sharp, you will get a jagged edge.

2. PRO finger guards can be cut with a miter saw.

Miter or Radial Saw Diablo 96 Blade
** Follow all safety instructions of the saw manufacturer **

a. Use a good quality chop or miter or radial saw (different names for the same thing)
b. Use a high tooth count “carbide” blade like a Diablo 96
....- if you use a lower tooth count, it can shred the material
c. Sandwich the small guard and the clickstrips inside the wide guard
d. Wrap some masking tape around the material on either side of the cut location to keep pack nice and tight
e. Set fingerguard "pack" against saw guide with V portion of the large guard pointing upward
f. If possible, use clamps to hold fingerguard "pack" firmly against the saw guide
g. Wear safety goggles

Note: You can also use handsaws, but the above principles still apply.

Read all equipment warnings!


There will be no returns on any product that has been damaged in any way - including sawing or cutting.