PinchShield finger guards are made from the highest quality materials and with the best workmanship. Thousands of finger guards are successfully sold throughout the world each year and each one is guaranteed to work properly if properly installed according to the instructions provided.

Of the extremely rare instances where there may be an installation or functionality issue, every single case has been determined to be a result of improper installation.

Customers must read and understand the simple Do-It-Yourself instructions.

Customers must follow these instructions “exactly” - no shortcuts.

The most important instructions relate to:
1. Proper preparation and cleaning of door and door jamb;
2. Correct procedure for adhering strips to the door and door jamb.

If these steps are followed, the finger guard will work 100% of the time.

If these steps are NOT followed, the finger guards are not considered to be properly installed.

Proper installation is the responsibility of the customer.

There are no refunds due to faulty installtion.