Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "PinchShield" finger guard?

It is an articulated (folding) plastic strip used to cover the gap where the hinges attach the door to the frame. It prevents kids or adults from getting their fingers trapped and broken inside the door gap. It is best to attach a strip on "both" sides of the door - or what are called, the PULL and PUSH sides of the door.

Why install "PinchShield" finger guards?

If a person gets their finger trapped in the door it's like getting your fingers crushed by large pliers. The fingers can get bruised, bones can be broken and in the worst case, the finger(s) may need to be amputated. Don't wait to order PinchShield until after the accident. Your insurance company may or may not cover your claim.

Liability Issues - Are finger guards mandatory for child care and similar facilities?

Unfortunately, most States have not yet established mandatory requirements to install door finger guards as a condition for licensing. 

In addition, some insurance companies have taken positive steps toward making finger guards mandatory to maintain your insurance coverage is maintained. They do not want to pay out expensive liability claims. Check with your insurance provider. 

The PinchShield finger guards should not be used for any purposes or in any way other than intended or instructed.

Where is "PinchShield" manufactured?

PinchShield is the USA distributor for Arte Viva, the largest and most successful finger guard manufacturer in Europe, with sales and distribution in 60 countries. The product meets or exceeds European and international safety standards.

On what types of doors can Pinchshield be used?

The primary use is for interior doors. For more details on the types of doors, see door types page for details. We do not recommend for use on the outside of exterior doors (can be affected by extreme heat, cold and UV rays).

Can you cut the guard strips?

You can; however, we very strongly recommend that you do not or it may reduce the effectiveness and will also void the warranty. We recommend that you purchase the correct length to start with. If you have to cut we receommend you use a miter or chop saw with a high tooth count Diablo blade - otherwise the strips could crack or split.

Carefully read the Cutting Instructions

Can PinchShield be used on doors with panic bars?

The PinchShield finger guards are not designed to go around or over panic bars. Some clients have devised their own solutions, but cutting or trimming the finger guards to accommodate panic bars may affect the effectiveness and will void our warranty. If the guards are cut, it is easy for kids/adults to reach into the top opening and still get their fingers caught in the door or actually rip off the finger guard.

Carefully read the Cutting Instructions.

What is the best length?

This will depend on the age/size of the users (kids, adults, seniors)..

For all commercial applications, we recommend the PRO
: Set 1.80 = 70.9" (180 cm)
Set 1.95 = 76.8" (195 cm)
Set 2.29 = 90.2" (225 cm)

Keep in mind that after the finger guard strips have been installed, the top section is "open". Make sure the length is high enough so people cannot easily reach the opening at the top to stick their fingers in the door opening or rip off the finger guard.

If you want a completely finished look, buy a longer finger guard that will fit all the way to the top of the door.

What is it made of?

The finger guards are made from a combination of PVC and TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)

How do you attach?

Use the self-adhesive tape which is already on the guard strips. For busy or commercial areas, we recommend you also use additional reinforcement screws (included with the PRO).
For a person with average handyman skills who has read all the instructions in advance and has all the required tools, the average installation should take about 10 minutes (not including installing additional screws).

See Installation BASIC or installation PRO for details.

Is there any memory action that closes the door?

It is possible that the installed strip will cause the open door to close a little, but it will never have the force to close the door all the way. The reason for some possible door closing is that at the time of production all finger guards are pleated like an accordion. When installed, the strip wants to come back into the shape or configuration in which it was produced.. Over time this return "memory" fades. This has never been an issue for customers.


The PRO guard strips can be temporarily detached on one side to clean the door hinge area. Clean the the BASIC and PRO guard strips with normal, non-abrasive and non-harsh, household cleaners like Mr. Clean, 409, etc.

In what colors are they available?

The BASIC strips are available in CLEAR only.
The PRO strips are available in WHITE, SILVER or DARK GREY.

How do you clean the door and frame before installation?

It is important to ensure that all the doors and frames are thoroughly cleaned before starting. Remove all oil, dirt and grease, including fingerprints. This is important to ensure the best possible adhesion. 

Are the finger guards fire rated?

Pinch Shield guards are not fire rated , however, If you have fire doors, our finger guards will not have any impact on the fire rating of the door itself.

How long is your warranty?

One year.

If you have any other questions, please Contact Us.