Pinch Shield provides a range of product information including, but not limited to website pages with pricing, FAQ’s, testimonials, photo gallery etc.. The customer also has the option to contact Pinch Shield to ask any product specific questions. Lack of product awareness on the part of the customer is not covered by the warranty.

The product must be used in the ways it was intended. Examples of the types of applications are noted on the product pages, gallery and testimonials. Product non-performance from use for which the product is not intended is not valid for a warranty claim

After the original date of purchase, Network USA (dbaPinch Shield). will, through its authorized dealer, replace any parts, which are defective in workmanship or material if and when the product has been subject to normal use.

PRO Series - Up to 2 years
BASIC Series - Up to 1 year

This warranty does not cover puncture from sharp objects, etc., slashing, cutting, marks from abrasive products, flames, high heat, extreme and/or extended sun exposure, graffiti, vandalism or other damage due to accidental causes or intentional or unintentional misuse. It is the responsibility of the consumer to establish the original purchase date for the purpose of the warranty such as a bill of sale, canceled check or some other appropriate payment record.

The customer must follow the recommended installation instructions. If other installation methods are used the warranty is null and void.