Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders are accepted only from "pre-qualified" customers.

Customers qualify when we approve their valid corporate or institutional Credit Application

- Submit all PO's in care of NETWORK USA Inc (Corporate Office)
- Make all checks payable to NETWORK USA Inc
- Use same contact information as PinchShield

- Net 10 days
- Minimum Product Order to any single location $100.00
- Current credit card as “back-up”. Only used as a last resort & only after you have been notified
- Late payment penalty of 2.5% per month starting on day 11 of the invoice.
- The first order "always" requires pre-payment (check or credit card)

PO DOCUMENTATION: - please include all requested information
- Date
- PO #
- Complete BILL TO info: contact name + title + address + phone + e-mail + fax
- Complete SHIP TO info: contact name + title + address + phone + e-mail + fax
- Georgia Customers to provide sales tax rate for the Ship-To city/county in Georgia
- Advise if separate Pack List or markings required on shipper box

- Use "our" part number
- Use "our" specific product description
- Be very specific on quantity (single units or pre-packs)
- Color(s)

- If we have quoted you a specific freight cost - please use that amount
- Our standard shipper is Fedex with daily pick-up
- If you have a Fedex number, we can do 3rd party billing
- We do not ship UPS or US Post
- Contact us in advance for other shipping options